Budding artists at Corby Glen’s Charles Read Academy explore gallery exhibition

Budding artists from Corby Glen's Charles Read Academy, part of the David Ross Education Trust, were invited to the Nottingham Contemporary Art Gallery as part of a collaborative project, which will see students' artwork displayed in a public exhibition next month.


As part of the project, which has been funded by the David Ross Education Trust’s Inspiration Fund, art students in Years 9 and 10 visited the gallery’s new exhibition, From Ear to Ear to Eye, which brings together over 20 artists from the Arab world.


During their time at the gallery, students took part in an exclusive workshop led by a practising artist, where they focused on the different themes used within the exhibition such as identity, migration, personal histories and the limits of translation.


Following the visit, students will now create their own unique pieces by using translation of sound into colour, shape and symbols, and the recording of memories into visual statements, in preparation for their very own exhibition.


Their final masterpieces will be displayed at Nottingham Contemporary as part of a student exhibition in March, along with work from three other schools within the David Ross Education Trust including Loughborough’s Charnwood College, Corby’s Lodge Park Academy and Skegness Grammar School.


Robert Sloan, Principal at Charles Read Academy, said: “This is the third year of collaboration between the David Ross Education Trust and Nottingham Contemporary. This experience provides students and teachers with the opportunity to work closely with practising artists and find out more their creative inspiration.


”The students have been left inspired by this whole experience, and we look forward to seeing their work on display next month.”


For more information on the David Ross Education Trust Inspiration Fund, visit www.dret.co.uk or email gsweeney@dret.co.uk