Trip to Theatre Royal, Stratford East.

Theatre Trip to Stratford East

It was a great joy to accompany almost forty Charles Read students on their trip to the Theatre Royal, Stratford East.

The play we saw was an uncompromising drama that challenged us to think about those who travelled away from their home communities to engage in conflict.  The particular message in the title of the play, The Unreturning, was that nobody comes back the same person after such traumatic experiences.  This notion was explored through the eyes of three men – one who served in the First World War, one who had returned from the recent conflicts in the Middle East, and (possibly the most disturbing of all) one whose story was set in the not too distant future. 

The play moved between the stories of the three men seamlessly with challenging dialogue and effective use of physical movement.  The play was followed by a thirty minute question and answer session with the actors and associate director.

The Charles Read students from Years 9, 10 and 11 were challenged and inspired by the play.  The complex issues and the wide range of theatrical techniques gave them much to think about as they prepare to use this live performance in the context of their GCSE Drama syllabus.

On a personal note, I would like to say that it was a real delight to spend the day with students and staff.  I very much look forward to having the opportunity to join in such a day again.

Revd Stephen Buckman

DRET Governor