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We believe that wearing the academy uniform creates an identity and ensures all students know they belong to our community, it also ensures a smart and consistent appearance.  All students are expected to wear their uniform correctly and with pride whilst on Academy premises and also on the journey to and from the Academy. 


It is compulsory for all students in Years 7, 8, 9, 10 and 11 to wear appropriate Charles Read Academy uniform. Full and correct uniform is expected at all times and should be worn in an appropriate manner. Please refer to our uniform policy on our website for full uniform expectations. Please support your child to adhere to the Charles Read Academy uniform policy by ensuring that correct uniform is worn every day.


Uniform Expectations:

  • Black blazer with academy emblem
  • Girls - Black CRA pencil skirt or CRA pleated long skirt
  • Boys and Girls - Black trousers, shaped leg or bootcut. Tight fitting, denim, leggings, jeggings or trousers that show the ankle are not acceptable
  • White shirt with collar
  • School tie: Year 7 House tie. Years 8-11 maroon with gold stripe or House tie
  • Maroon V-neck pullover with academy emblem (optional)
  • Shoes must be all black, flat, polishable and formal in style. They must provide adequate support and protection. Trainers, skate shoes, canvas shoes or boots are not allowed. Any sports branded trainer is not allowed (for example Nike, Adidas, Puma, Donnay etc). Any canvas shoe such as Vans are also not allowed. PATENT LEATHER IS NOT ALLOWED. Socks and tights must be black.

PE Kit:

  • Black PE shorts
  • Black PE socks
  • Black skirt (optional)
  • School sports top
  • Black tracksuit (optional)
  • Astroturf trainers or moulded football boots/shin pads/gum shield -  as required


  • A CRA school bag is the only acceptable school bag. Additional bags for PE kit do not need to be CRA bags.



  • A wristwatch may be worn, not iwatch
  • No more than one small stud in the lobe of an ear may be worn. No tragus piercings
  • No ear stretchers are acceptable.  Putting ‘spacers’ in or plasters over piercing is not acceptable.  If you have a piercing – nose, eyebrow, lip etc. the stud must be removed.
  • No more than two small finger rings are allowed. No bracelets or other jewellery should be visible 
  • No other jewellery is permitted. Plastic wristbands should not be worn.


  • Extreme styles are not acceptable. 
  • Hair should be of a natural colour. 
  • If your hair is over shoulder length then it should be tied back for practical lessons or where health and safety requires it. 
  • Shaving any part of the head below a grade 2, including tramlines or other shaped shaving, is not accepted, nor is the use of gel/mousse to create unusual styles.  
  • Shaving must be blended and not ‘step’ style.
  • Shaved eyebrows are also not accepted


  • Light/Subtle make-up may be worn to give a natural look. If you choose to come to school with unnatural make-up, you will be required to remove it.


  • No false nails, acrylic nails or other are permitted. No painted nails, unless clear. Nail varnish remover will be available in the boot room to remove polish


  • Mobile phones are not allowed out on school premises. Neither are headphones, chargers, iwatches or other electronic devices.


  • Students must have with them as a basic equipment expectation, the CRA5 – 2 black pens, 1 pencil, 1 ruler, 1 rubber




If students fail to follow the uniform standards, the following will happen:

  • Students will be required to attend the ‘boot room’ where they will need to swap a personal item for a uniform item they are permitted to borrow till the end of the day
  • Student will be verbally warned, issued with a uniform pass if applicable and issued with a pastoral detention
  • A phone call and/or letter home will be made to inform parents of the breach and discuss a date for this to be rectified
  • Refusal will lead to IE and/or sent home to address issue
  • If a student does not have CRA5, they will be issued with a pastoral detention
  • If a student has their phone out/other electronic devices or equipment, it will be confiscated and they will receive a pastoral detention. If they refuse to hand it over, they will be warned and then receive a day in IE
  • If a student comes into the academy with an extreme hairstyle as outlined above, or false/acrylic nails, they will be put in IE and a phone call home will be made to see when the situation can be rectified. Decisions regarding the length of time in IE will be made on a case by case basis depending on the gravity of the situation
  • If you refuse to remove a piercing or item of jewellery, you will put into IE and not allowed back into lessons until the item has been removed


These steps are not sequential and may be applied depending on the circumstance.

Charles Read Academy branded uniform is available from:


Items can be delivered to your home, or free of charge to the academy.