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We believe that wearing the academy uniform creates an identity and ensures all students know they belong to our community, it also ensures a smart and consistent appearance.  All students are expected to wear their uniform correctly and with pride whilst on Academy premises and also on the journey to and from the Academy. 

Girls Uniform: 

  • Black blazer with academy emblem
  • Black skirt, stitched down pleat. Length must be closer to the ankle than the knee.
  • Black trousers, shaped leg or bootcut. Tight fitting or denim trousers are not acceptable
  • White blouse with collar
  • Maroon V-neck pullover with academy emblem, long sleeved or sleeveless
  • Black shoes (not trainers or trainer style) with low heels.  Shoes should be of a natural or synthetic leather and should be formal in style
  • Socks must be black and plain. Plain black or natural tights are acceptable with a skirt.
  • School tie: maroon with gold stripe

Boys Uniform:

  • Black blazer with academy emblem
  • Standard fit, worn fastened at the waist plain black trousers. Must be suitable for school, not cargo style, denim or fitted
  • White shirt with collar
  • Maroon V-neck pullover with academy emblem, long sleeved or sleeveless
  • Black smart shoes natural or synthetic leather.  Shoes should not be canvas and must be worn around the Academy at all times unless the child is playing sport
  • Socks must be black and plain
  • School tie: maroon with gold stripe

PE Kit:

  • Black PE shorts
  • Black PE socks
  • Black skort (optional)
  • School sports top
  • Black tracksuit (optional)
  • Astroturf trainers or molded football boots/shin pads/gum shield -  as required


  • A wristwatch may be worn.
  • No more than one small stud in the lobe of an ear may be worn. 
  • No ear stretchers are acceptable.  Putting ‘spacers’ in or plasters over piercing is not acceptable.  If you have a piercing – nose, eyebrow, lip etc. the stud must be removed.
  • No more than two small finger rings are allowed.
  • No other jewellery is permitted. Plastic wristbands should not be worn.


  • Extreme styles are not acceptable.
  • Hair should be of a natural colour.
  • If your hair is over shoulder length then it should be tied back for practical lessons or where health and safety requires it.
  • Shaving any part of the head below a grade 2, including tramlines, is not accepted, nor is the use of gel/mousse to create unusual styles. 
  • Shaving must be blended and not ‘step’ style.


  • Light/Subtle make-up may be worn to give a natural look.


If pupils fail to follow the uniform standards, the following will happen:

  • Removal of the offending item if possible
  • Verbally warned with a date of when it needs to be corrected by
  • A phone call and/or letter home
  • Put into A2E or sent home to address the issue


These steps are not sequential and may be applied depending on the circumstance.


Charles Read Academy branded uniform is available from:


Items can be delivered to your home, or free of charge to the academy.