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Pupil Premium

The pupil premium is funding allocated to schools for the specific purpose of boosting the attainment of pupils from low-income families. Funding is allocated to schools to work with pupils who have been registered for free school meals at any point in the last six years (known as ‘Ever 6 FSM’).

To find out how we used our Pupil Premium last year, including the impact that spend has had please click on the document to the left.


Funding for 2018/19 is based on the pupils who were eligible for the pupil premium, this money will be used to support closing the gap between students who are eligible and those who are not.


This year’s budget will still need to provide transport and uniform costs for students.


Also successful elements of the interventions such as Lexia and the reading programme will continue to be part funded through the budget for disadvantaged students.


We have also bought into the ‘Read Write Inc’ programme aimed at improving students’ spelling and phonics which will be part funded through the disadvantaged budget.


The Academy will introduce a rewards programme for known persistent absentees/non-attenders to try and increase engagement with school. The majority of our current students who have low attendance are disadvantaged. The Academy will also continue to employ EWO to work closely with PA students.


The Academy now has a nominated member of staff to champion disadvantaged students and monitor and implement new strategies and interventions to narrow the gap.  


Year 11 Mentoring programme – Targeted support for Year 11 Students (36% disadvantaged.) Peer mentoring is highlighted by the Sutton Trust Teaching and Learning Toolkit as being an intervention that is “high impact for low cost, based on extensive evidence.” Support will come the form of 1-to-1 sessions with staff mentors, after school catch-up, focus workshops during holidays and group intervention tutoring, with the inclusion of mock tests and revision guides. This will in turn enable staff to help with the assessment of student needs, progress and provisions. All of these interventions are aimed at supporting the Year 11 students to improve their Progress 8 scores.


To see a full breakdown of the planned spend for pupil premium funding for the 2018/2019 academic year please download the document on the left-hand side of the page.