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Charles Read Academy

We seek to broaden the horizons of each and everyone of our students encouraging academic excellence and transferable life skills enabling all to become effective members of our 21st century society.

Academy Information

The Charles Read Academy is a small 11-16 school in Corby Glen, Lincolnshire and it serves the villages between Stamford, Bourne and Grantham.

In 2016, we were ranked one of the most improved secondary schools in the country in the performance tables and were proud to be judged 'good' by Ofsted in all areas in January 2017. In February 2022 we were judged to as remaining 'good' in all areas. 

What is it like to attend this school?

'This is a school where staff want the very best for all pupils. There is a strong sense of community. Leaders are ambitious for what pupils can achieve. The values and culture of the school are woven through every aspect of school life. Pupils are proud of the school and want to do well. Behaviour in the school is excellent. The atmosphere in lessons is calm. Pupils and staff treat each other with mutual respect. Bullying is rare. Staff deal with it well. Teachers provide good-quality teaching and support to help pupils meet any challenges in their learning. Pupils know what to expect in lessons. They settle quickly to their learning. All pupils experience reading classic texts. School life goes beyond the formal curriculum. Pupils relish getting house points to earn rewards. They are taught the skills that they need for life, such as how to stay safe and healthy.'

CRA Mission

Our mission is to broaden the students’ horizons, increase their aspirations and life chances by providing a world-class education that renders academic excellence and embraces the value of enrichment and co-curricular activities.

These experiences will develop important, transferrable life skills and help students become personally responsible for determining their own future. 

Broadening Horizons, valuing all. 

Ethos, Vision and Values

At CRA we have a strong sense of purpose and are fervently committed to the achievement of every individual.

We aim to provide a high-quality education in a safe, happy, caring and focused environment. We encourage all students to embody our values of confidence, resilience, ambition, courage, respect and aspiration. 

Students develop Confidence through interacting positively with our academic and opportunity-enriched curriculum.  They show Resilience in how they approach their studies to secure continual improvement and over time develop strong numeracy and literacy skills enabling them to talk about their learning and communicate effectively. They show Ambition aiming to be the best they can be and can articulate what they need to do to improve. They develop Courage taking risks and removing barriers to learning; nothing holds them back.  Students show Respect for themselves, others and for the environment, always leading by example.  They always aim high demonstrating an Aspiration to achieve the best jobs, college and university places in the pursuit of excellence.

Through the promotion of these values and the ethos of the House system we encourage the students to feel a sense of belonging. We help them develop a strong cultural awareness becoming citizens who make positive contributions to our 21st century society. We believe all students can succeed given appropriate self-belief, challenge and support. Whilst we guide and nurture students holistically, we encourage them to take responsibility for their own learning and personal development ensuring they become lifelong learners who determine their own futures.

Whilst we demand high standards from our students we equip them with life skills to support them on their learning journey. They feel valued and understand they can positively shape their life through choice not chance. 

Our priority is simply to provide an excellent education for all.

Our Senior Leadership Team