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Charles Read Academy

We seek to broaden the horizons of each and everyone of our students encouraging academic excellence and transferable life skills enabling all to become effective members of our 21st century society.

Careers Guidance & Post 16

Charles Read Academy – Careers Vision

At Charles Read Academy, we recognise that outstanding careers guidance is crucial in helping to ensure our vision “every individual to be well prepared for their future and for the jobs of tomorrow.  All students leave with knowledge, confidence, skills and an achievable ambitious career goal”.  Also, our aim is for every student to make excellent progress, develop outstanding character and be successful in life, education and employment.  

Outstanding career guidance ensures that all pupils understand and recognise how their learning, character and personal development supports their future prospects; actively reflecting on their character and interests when making choices about their futures. This is continually supported and implemented by all staff throughout the academy who intentionally use all interactions with pupils to introduce and discuss aspirational role models, current affairs, further study, university and careers. We aim to maximise every relevant opportunity to continually support pupils to think more deeply and more broadly about the world around them and the opportunities it presents. 

Throughout the school year every pupil has a meaningful interaction with at least two people from different careers.  They will also have at least two meaningful interactions with a higher education provider throughout their school life, giving them a variety of insights into career types and pathways and raising student aspiration. As a result, students develop an excellent understanding of a variety of careers and understand what qualifications, skills and experiences they need in order to pursue them. 

Experience of visiting universities, and the opportunity to meet people from a range of sectors and the development of their communication skills through a focus on character means that students are able to express themselves articulately and confidently in any forum, helping them to secure a positive destination in the career of their choice. 

All pupil interactions are tracked and monitored in order to ensure that as an academy we are providing outstanding careers advice and guidance that addresses the individual needs of each pupil and that careers and guidance is strongly embedded into the school curriculum.

Outline of Careers Programme 2020-22

View document careers_post_16/outline_of_careers_programme_2020-22.pdf

Work Experience

We are looking for passionate employers from businesses and other organisations to help our students and thus shape the future workforce and bring the world of work to life for the next generation.

We will always welcome work experience placement opportunities from employers so if you think that you can help, please contact the Work Experience Coordinator.  To find more information about this, look at the work experience section on the student page. 

Provider Access Statement     CRA Entrance 

Any provider wishing to contact the school should see the Provider Access Statement below and should contact the Careers Coordinator. 




Provider Access Policy

View document careers_post_16/charles_read_careers_provider_access_policy.pdf

Careers Information for Students


During Year 9 students will make their GCSE options choices.  This is an exciting time of the year where students will, often for the first time, have the opportunity to shape their own curriculum. They will study their KS4 curriculum during Years 10 & 11.

Students study compulsory core subjects at GCSE level or equivalent in:

  • English Language & English Literature                                                                                                 
  • Mathematics 
  • Combined / separate Science                                                                                                                         

Students choose 3 more subjects from the options below:

  • Arts - Art, Drama, Music, BTEC Sport, GCSE PE
  • Language - French
  • Humanities - History and / or Geography
  • Technology - GCSE Food &  Nutrition, Travel & Tourism

A full copy of the KS4 Curriculum can be found by clicking below

KS4 Options 


Information about the excellent careers opportunities that are available in Lincolnshire is available at the Family Services Directory which can be located through this link:

Family Services Directory

 Work Experience

Every student should have the opportunity to gain first-hand meaningful experience in the workplace. All students in Year 10 will partake in a one-day work experience / shadowing opportunity during the summer term - to help their exploration of career opportunities and expand their networks. Students have several PSHCE lessons at the end of Year 9 in order to plan and prepare for securing a placement.                                                                                                                                             

The development of a new work experience / PSHCE programme has enabled us to build and develop some really strong links with Local employers, which given our location should be really exciting.  Students are also encouraged to engage with family members to gain experiences of the workplace, for example “Bring your child to work day”.

 Experiences in the workplace will be dependent on future Government guidelines due to Covid19.  Virtual work experience is an option to provide students with a unique opportunity to gain work experience, highlighting the essential skills needed in that role.


Career Exploration

Students research career options and pathways using programmes that are purchased and specialised. Below are link to those they use.


Students can also gain information about various pathways from these useful guides:

Careers Guidance

Student Employer Winter 2020

Apprenticeships - Gov.UK

A Guide to Career Options

Careers Conventions

All Year 9 students attend a local careers event.  The aim of the careers fair is to expose students to various career paths and to provide them with information should they wish to follow that path.   A variety of providers approximately 40, are invited from higher education & Further Education establishments, to apprenticeship providers, and employers - Salted Orange Co., Woodhead Construction and Engineered in Grantham to name a few.                       

The purpose is to encourage students and provider/employer engagement in order to raise aspirations. The day allows students to experience the different opportunities that are out there for them and also how they can take advantage of these opportunities and be prepared for their future.  

Labour Market Information (LMI)

Looking at the local labour market information can be useful as it provides data on industries and careers that are growing declining.  This may influence student choices about pathways to choose, for example a career in an up and coming industry will have many more opportunities than one without.

‚ÄčLabour Market Information

LMI Summary - Greater Lincolnshire 

Independent Careers Advice

All Students are interviewed at least 3 times to secure a post 16 placement, as well a backup plan.  Students are assisted with preparation, planning and applications.

Careers interviews also take place for PP's, SEN and referrals 

The World of Work

The World of Work has been created by the Greater Lincolnshire LEP with help from fantastic employers across the region. We want you to be informed whilst challenging the perceptions you may have about local industries. Greater Lincolnshire has a wealth of exciting job roles within diverse industries and sectors. Utilise the case studies on the website.

The World of Work


Careers Information for Parents

Careers and Work-Related Learning Policy

Charles Read Academy has a Careers and Work-Related Learning Policy that sets out the Intentions of careers education.



  The key objectives are:

  • To develop a range of opportunities which enhance the curriculum

  • To promote greater awareness for students about the world of work

  • The development of key skills and employability

  • To promote understanding of work, industry, the economy and community

  • To develop students personal and social skills in relationships in a range of contexts

  • To provide students with informed and impartial guidance on the post 16 choices available 

  • To prepare and enable students to access Information, Advice & Guidance

  • To support and assist students in progressing to learning beyond 16

  • To ensure students access and benefit from external guidance provision

  • To maintain high aspirations

  • To provide vocational, enterprise and work-related learning as well as an academic curriculum


 How can you help?

Parents can guide and support students by helping them understand their Post 16 options

Please see the links below for further useful sources of information.

Career Alchemy - Your potential inspired by purpose

Career Alchemy

Our tried and tested INSPiRED career and life coaching framework is research-proven to be effective in helping you to develop a clear career purpose, vision and mission confidently. We use it in a variant suited to your current career profile to help you to understand your unique personality, talents, strengths, skills and experiences and put your potential to work on purpose.

Parent Guide to Apprenticeships

Work Related Learning Policy

Careers Documents

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