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Charles Read Academy

We seek to broaden the horizons of each and everyone of our students encouraging academic excellence and transferable life skills enabling all to become effective members of our 21st century society.


At Charles Read we provide students with a fantastic range of extracurricular activities, which support students’ personal growth. 

A key element of this is that we encourage our students to be active and get involved in all sporting and house competitions. 

The clubs running this academic year have been carefully chosen to help develop our CRA values, our social and emotional intelligence and gain a better understanding of the wider world, giving our students a voice.   

Here is a list of the clubs we currently have at the academy:

• Art club
• Diversity club
• Debate club
• Choir
• Football
• Table Tennis

• Drama club
• Art club
• Photography club
• Eco club
• CRA Buddies
• Football
• Rowing

• Spanish club
• Craft club
• Art club
• Gardening club
• Football
• Netball

• Anti-bullying club
• Gardening club
• Art club
• Vocal Performance coaching
• Student Parliament
• Football
• Netball

• Drumming club: world music drums
• Young Carers
• Art Club
• Mindfulness club
• Football
• Dodgeball

 Eco Club

Researching issues with the Global and Local environment and then devising projects that can educate and involve CRA students as a whole to try and tackle them. We will also be reaching out to the community both around the school and through the students links to the wider community. We will start by choosing a water bottle design and launching fund raising and awareness to the whole school so that we can reduce our disposable plastic use. Students will be working within the group, the whole school – including teachers, SLT and Governors, and the community so there will be opportunities for public speaking, visits and team work.

Tuesday lunch, weekly in G7

Debate Club

Opinionated? Talkative? Mischievous? Aspiring leader? Passionate about issues that affect your life? Then you need to master the fun-filled art of debating! Joining the CRA Debate Team will enable you to put your case across in a compelling, confident and respectful manner in any scenario. Debating is proven to develop the excellent communication skills that will be pivotal to your success; at school and throughout your life. Whatever issues you care about, come along to debate club, where YOU set the agenda.

Monday lunch, weekly in F3

Anti-bullying Club

Care about our school community and ensuring everyone feels part of it? CRA buddies are all about making sure we are as a school aware of what bullying is and what we can do to prevent it. Making sure people know where to go to for support or just someone they can talk to. In this club you will have a chance to voice your opinions about what can be done to ensure everyone plays their part in looking after each other.

Every other Thursday in G5

Drama Club

In drama club we will be working towards a Christmas Showcase. This term we will be looking at and rehearsing Fairy Tales both traditional stories and tales with a twist. Plenty of opportunities to get involved in individual group performances and whole cast performances.

Leader Opportunities: Costume Designs, Stage Management and Advertising.

Tuesday lunch, weekly in the Gym

Photography Club

It is open to everybody with a genuine interest in photography, and there is a possibility that it may lead to us running a GCSE photography course in the future.  We may need to limit members if a huge number of people apply.

Every week we will look at a different photographer, a different aspect of photography or a different skill.

There could be homework!  But if there is, we promise it will be fun.

Tuesday lunch, weekly in S1

Gardening Club

The club is open to absolutely everyone as long as they are willing to wear wellington boots and gloves and do some work!

The objective this year will be to tame the jungle which is the polytunnel area, and to fill it with fruit, vegetables and flowers. We would also like to work with Site Management to stock and maintain the school flowerbeds and help to make the whole site attractive and welcoming.

Wednesday lunch, weekly in the Polytunnel
Thursday lunch, weekly in the Polytunnel


Everyone can sing and it is good for your wellbeing.

Have you always wanted to sing but not had the opportunity, or confidence? Do you sing in your bedroom, in the shower, in the car….? Do you love to sing?

We sing popular music from musicals and the charts.

Get an early lunch pass from Mrs Jones or bring sandwiches to eat in G4 for a 1.45pm start.

Monday lunch 1:45pm, weekly in G4

Drumming Club: World Music Drums

Come and get involved in exploring music from around the world using a range of percussion instruments. We start with African drumming and move on to Samba.

Enjoy the exhilaration of pounding rhythms and good vibrations.

Friday lunch, weekly in G4

Vocal Performance Coaching

Vocal coaching - students will be practising solo/ duet performance pieces of any genre - they can choose their own.

Students are encouraged to bring in their own backing track or know how to stream their song they wish to learn/sing. We will do this in the sessions anyway, if they don't know how.
The aim of this club is to help prepare students to be performance ready for solo/ small group performances, through building vocal skills/techniques and confidence.

Thursday lunch, weekly in G4 @ 13:45 (this week only Wednesday)

1:1 Instrumental

Charles Read Academy works with the Lincolnshire Music Service to provide 1-1 and (small group during non-pandemic times) Instrumental/ Vocal tuition from visiting Professional LMS Instrumental/ Vocal teachers.

Applications for 1-1 lessons are made directly to the LMS via their speed admin service.

Please follow the instructions on the application that can be found at the link below

LMS Application form  


Students who are eligible for FSM can apply for a 50% reduction in fees.

If you have any questions please contact

Art Club

Pupils can come along and use the art room and materials to do house competition entries, any artwork homework or just have fun drawing. Please come along and get involved in bringing Art to life!

Every lunch in S1

Spanish Club

Vamos… vamos… Come along and learn some beginner’s Spanish! We will be focusing on learning the basics of a new language and having some fun while we learn!

Wednesday lunch, weekly in F1

Diversity Club

Diversity Club welcomes students of different race, religion, ethnicity, sexual orientation, mental and physical disabilities, and any other difference that sets them apart from the norm. Any student can join Diversity Club.

The club will aim to unite minority groups and others. Diversity Club promotes tolerance and understanding of these different groups and is a nice way to celebrate everyone being unique

Monday lunch, every other week in G1

Mindfulness Colouring Club

If you enjoy colouring then take a break from your busy school life and come to colouring club. Colour, relax and listen to music, whilst developing your fine motor skills and an appreciation of colour and pattern.

Friday lunch, weekly in G5

Craft Club

Two amazing projects to get involved in…

It's amazing what you can make from on old pair of (unused) socks. Our first beastie will be a sock pig to learn some simple fundamental crafting skills. From there we can create a whole zoo! No sewing experience necessary.

Fun with Fabrics - Starting off with designing and making a book mark, learning new skills and creating a product suitable to use every day, such as in their accelerated learner books.

Wednesday lunch, weekly in G6

Anti-bullying Club

Care about our school community and ensuring everyone feels part of it? Our club is all about making sure we are as a school aware of what bullying is and what we can do to prevent it. Making sure people know where to go to for support or just someone they can talk to. In this club you will have a chance to voice your opinions about what can be done to ensure everyone plays their part in looking after each other.

Every other Thursday in G5

CRA Buddies - Friendship Group

Anyone is welcome to attend. It is designed to offer emotional support to those students who are feeling a little low or need someone talk to or build up confidence to meet new people in a safe environment. We will offer students the opportunity to meet new friends or somewhere to talk and have a chat with members of staff.

The students will be offered hot chocolate and biscuits and leave feeling happier and more focused to learn.

Tuesday lunch 13:50, weekly in library

Young Carers 

Any of our young carers are welcome to attend. It is designed to help support the wellbeing of the young carers here at CRA. We will allow them the opportunity to offload some of the stresses that they feel at home and enable them to see that they are not alone. This will be done in a supportive safe environment.

Student Parliament

From those students who volunteer, some will be voted in to represent their house and year group.

We shall meet to discuss issues around school, and teaching and learning, and putting forward possible solutions.

Minutes from these meetings will be shared with tutor groups to discuss and the agenda points for our meetings will be constructed by the tutor groups in their discussion.

The members of student parliament will gain leadership opportunities to debate issues that affect them and gain a good understanding of British Democracy.

Every other Thursday in S3
Friday lunch 13:50, weekly in G1

Community Programmes

Charles Read Academy has great community facilities that are designed to support students and the extended community.

For a community to be strong, it needs to work together and everyone should support one another.

All of our students are taught to be committed citizens, and are encouraged to engage with their local surroundings. We raise money for local charities and regularly volunteer in community projects.

In a rural community like Corby Glen, it is important we do everything we can to contribute to the wider community.

Our indoor and outdoor sports facilities are available for public use and the new 3G pitch is ideal for a range of activities.

If you would like to know more about our projects and facilities, please contact the academy directly.