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Charles Read Academy

We seek to broaden the horizons of each and everyone of our students encouraging academic excellence and transferable life skills enabling all to become effective members of our 21st century society.



‘Students will gain transferrable life skills and they will know that they can positively shape their lives through choice not chance.’ 


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 The House System at Charles Read Academy creates a sense of belonging and pride with an ethos that underpins our values. It establishes a caring, supportive environment in which each student is a valued member of a small ‘family unit’, the tutor group, within a slightly larger unit, the house, within a larger ‘family’ the whole school. The House System helps to build an individual’s strengths within a group and create bonds with students of all different ages, which mirrors everyday life.

The House System helps us to combat bullying by building frameworks, which cross year groups for peer support.  

We promote and provide opportunity for student voice, student responsibility, team building, leadership skills and co-operation. Students will increasingly work together with staff to run their House, with students voting to elect leaders, exercise leadership and manage their own success as partners with the staff. Whilst we are three houses we are one community creating a school which the students, parents, staff, governors and wider community can be proud of.  


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