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Charles Read Academy

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Aqua crowned House Limbo champions


On Friday 17th September Aqua, Caeli and Terra went head to head in the first house competition of the year, Limbo. The atmosphere was fantastic as students and staff were once again able to attend the event to show their support for their houses. Each house selected 6 participants, one person across each year group and a member of staff who dressed up in house coloured grass skirts and flowers to really bring the competition to life.


It was the first competition for the new year 7s who showed real courage and confidence to step up and perform on the stage in front of an audience. After a few rounds of singing and dancing their nerves settled and the party atmosphere really got going. Bouncing off the noise created from the audience, participants stepped up their performance ready for the final rounds. More and more students were eliminated as the pole lowered and following some closely contested rounds it was Ryan in Terra 11 who finished 3rd to earn his house 50 house points. The final two saw two year 8 students battle It out for the Limbo crown, Annabell of Caeli and Logan of Aqua. Their was nothing to separate them both heading in to the final round but it was Logan who managed to keep his balance to successfully limbo under the final pole and secure 125 points for Aqua. Annabell with a fantastic performance earned Caeli 75 points to their total.


Well done to everyone who represented their house teams and displayed the CRA values throughout the event. The next house competition is Football taking place week commencing Monday 4th October.