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Charles Read Academy

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Caeli scoop Bully’s Mystery Prize

On Thursday 24th March Aqua, Caeli and Terra participated in the House version of the ITV hit quiz show, Bulls Eye. A student from every tutor group and a member of staff teamed up in each house to take on a number of general knowledge and subject specific quiz questions in return for darts and the opportunity to earn house points on the giant inflatable dart board.


Round 1 was a quick fire question round with each team attempting to correctly answer as many questions as they could within 1 minute. Each correct answer earned 1 dart with each dart successfully sticking to the dart board earning house points equivalent to the respective numbers. Points earned from the inflatable dart board were banked, however the house team with the fewest points after round 2 and again in Round 3 were eliminated, leaving the final house with the opportunity to win additional prizes from Bully’s prize board.


Following an exciting round of ‘Bully’s Category Wheel’ it was Terra who were eliminated with the lowest points total but managed to walk away with a healthy 142 points. The third round was a Head to Head ‘Buzzer’ round where students went head to head with the opposing student in the same year group. This was a tense round and after some tough questioning Caeli just prevailed with a total of 287 points, eliminating Aqua who walked away with 273 points to add to their totaliser.


Caeli made it to the final round, ‘Bully’s Prize Draw’ for the chance of winning 10 prizes in addition to the 287 house points they had already secured. Each player (6 players) had 1 throw each and a bulls eye would automatically win every prize. After the 6 darts were thrown Caeli had secured 4 prizes (Lunch priority for the house, Box of chocolates for each tutor group, bonus houseopoly cards for each tutor group + 25 bonus house points). The excitement was over just yet as Caeli were offered the opportunity to gamble all their prizes in return for Bully’s Mystery Prize. To win this prize the team had to throw a total score of 51 or more (Trebles & Doubles did not count) with 1 dart each. After some careful consideration Caeli decided to gamble and it turned out to be an excellent decision as they comfortably passed the 51 point target in 5 darts, earning their whole house a 20 minute extended lunch one day next term – This was greatly received by everyone in Caeli house!