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Charles Read Academy

We seek to broaden the horizons of each and everyone of our students encouraging academic excellence and transferable life skills enabling all to become effective members of our 21st century society.

Independent career meetings

At Charles Read Academy careers entitlement is a journey that starts in Year 7 and continues through to Year 11. Students have access to a variety of materials and have the opportunity to meet employers. Students access a range of careers and enterprise activities organised by the Academy. This is to support students in making well informed decisions.

There are career guidance sessions aimed at helping learners understand their strengths and weaknesses and then matching them with their skills and interests so that they can get the best suitable career choice.

Niki Tolhurst, an independent careers advisor has had individual career meeting with our year 11 students.

Niki helped year 11 students to explore various career options, and provided specific industry information about particular jobs where required.  Particularly beneficial was the fact that students had the opportunity of a Face-to-face guidance with a qualified careers adviser to review their circumstances, abilities, interests and aspirations as they make decisions about their future education, training and work options.  

For some of our young people it was an opportunity to get to know themselves better (self-awareness), as they engaged with their career hopes and aspirations, and received support in assessing realistic options and creating a meaningful future.

This also provided an opportunity to discuss transferable skills which students needs to develop in the near future in order to be successful in their chosen careers. Students could develop these skills by talking up internships and work experience.

Students found these sessions very useful, and hopefully will use thoughtful analysis to make informed decisions.