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Charles Read Academy

We seek to broaden the horizons of each and everyone of our students encouraging academic excellence and transferable life skills enabling all to become effective members of our 21st century society.

Students and staff at CRA are delighted by devices for students

Students and staff at Charles Read Academy, a small non-selective school in Corby Glen, were delighted on Monday 1st February when representatives from Sainsbury’s and Argos delivered 16 fantastic tablets for students to use for their remote learning. This generous gift will mean that all students at CRA have at least one type of device from which they can access their live on line lessons.

Staff from Sainsbury’s raised money for the tablets knowing how critical and how hard it for students to effectively engage in the home learning if they haven’t got a device. Under the leadership and direction of Jessica Stroud, Michelle Davis and Daniel Cragg staff were motivated to raise funds and donate their gift to Charles Read Academy as they knew that by supporting the students in a smaller school a greater percentage of students would benefit. They would make a big difference to a greater percentage of children than at a large school.


Staff have been delivering live lessons at CRA since the start of this lockdown, ensuring students have at least 5 hours of lessons and interaction with the academy every day. As well as having access to paper based booklets and activities students greatly enjoy and benefit through the interaction with the online lessons. Students don’t spend 5 hours in front of the device. There are written and active tasks to complete away from a screen as well to achieve a more balanced provision. At the start of the day students access a virtual assembly or receive welfare calls from their tutors to check on their well-being and to receive important messages.

Whilst we are very proud of current remote provision and support for keyworker and invited students on site, we are all very excited and looking forward to a full return to school in the near future.